New WeatherExpert™ Rooftop – Up To 21.0 IEER!

New WeatherExpert™ Rooftop – Up To 21.0 IEER!

Carrier is once again pleased to announce another addition to its already powerful Weather Series Packaged Rooftop line up.

The new WeatherExpert™ 48/50LC models from 6 to 23 tons are now available in addition to previously released 48/50LC 3-5 ton models and pack a punch with Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratios (IEER) up to 21.0. Repeat IEER’s up to 21.0

Provide your customers, with an opportunity to receive utility rebates, low cost of ownership, contribute to LEED initiatives and much more.

This new addition even meets the stringent and voluntary Department of Energy (DOE) Rooftop Challenge for a ten ton unit by exceeding it by 15%.

Carrier once again – up to the challenge.

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48lc with cab 48LC Image